Here I start......

I'm kinda lazy blogger. Although I do have to time to write little somethings about my new hobby "Quilling" laziness keeps me off from doing it. So today fighting away the laziness ;) I'm posting my first blog. This work is something I did about 2 weeks back. The idea is not completely my own. I borrowed the design from Bela's Blog. You can visit it here.

I wanted to quill a Ganesha as my first project and so searched the internet for a design that could be made using quilling easily. I stumbled upon Bela's Quilled Ganesha and liked the design so much that I decided to make one for myself.

It came out quite neat. It adorns my work desk now :) Hope you'll like it as well. I'll soon make one with my own imagination. Here's a pic of it.

Thanks for dropping by and thanks to Bela for sharing the design.

Smiles :)


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