Writing after almost a month... what to say was busy in all sort of things and then there was the back problem which made it so difficult for me to even sleep :( I also waiting for my stuff from US which arrived last week, yay !!!! Thanks all to my dearest friend in US and my sweet bro who carried all the burden back to India :)

There was so much that I ordered and was all so pretty. I was just WOW when I received it. I wish we had such similar good quality supplies available here; back home in India. I got loads and loads of paper which is absolutely beautiful and gorgeous, and stamp sets, ink pads and lots and lots of ribbon.... everything just gorgeous :) I'm so so happy and excited to received my goodies. Here they are

Aren't they just awesome. I also made a card last week for my hubby as it was our first anniversary :) so it was a pretty hectic week for me with rakhi and anniversary falling in line. I'll blog about the card soon as its my first tri-shutter card and I'm so excited about it.

And I'm also planning a small giveaway of the papers that I just got for myself :)
so come back soon and till then stay happy !!


  1. This is like freaking awesome!!! Can i borrow your sweet brother??? just kidding..so sweet of him to bring you such awesome stuff!! have fun!!

  2. thats a lovely treasure...did you order online..can u please share the site

  3. Hey Lavina, my bro went to US so I ordered online and he collected. Mostly its from ebay.com Thats a great site with some treal good bargains.

  4. i m already jealous !
    this is too ossum

  5. wow this is awesome, all the goodies look so good.lucky u.


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