The Namesake!!

I took a long long break from blog world and after coming back is going away again for two months. In the meanwhile I just wanted to change the name of the blog so I just decided to do that before I go back to two month's hibernation. These two months are going to be more busy than the last few as my brother's marriage is around and I'm doing the wedding invites :) That's what will keep me away.

I wanted to change the name because somehow I felt Crazee Daizy didn't quite described what I did (although it did tell the world that I'm crazy!) I think For the love of paper characterizes me much better, hence the name. I'm gonna redo all of the blog in the coming two months (as and when I get time!) plus I'll also keep posting about all the things I made during these two months and yaah not to forget, posting about my stash. I've been thinking about this for such a long time. So keeping watching and enjoying my work!!!!


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