ICR Challenge 14

Back with a card. Well as you know I've been missing for some time now from the blogosphere. What could be a better way to return but with a challenge. So here's the cards that I made for ICR Challenge 14 which happen to be anything goes and CAS card. My cards are as simple as they can be. They are basically notecards with little love notes written inside them. Made them for my hubby as the month of love is just around the corner. They are small so as to fit the lunch box. I put it inside my hubby box and man he was thrilled with joys when he opened it in office :) Wish I could see his face that time. So I leave it here now. I hope you'll like them as well. Please don't forget to leave a comment. I love reading them and they encourage me more. Till the next post keep smiling :)


  1. BEEutiful!! love the shapes!! I'm sure he would be grinning when he gets such beautiful love notes! :)


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